Women’s Slippers Split Toe Shoes for Bunions


If your bunions keep hurting you while walking, the best solution is to use the perfect shoes along with a Bunion Corrector Accessory!

These Women’s Slippers Split Toe Shoes for Bunions are so chic and trendy and so comfortable that your bunions won’t get hurt anymore.


  • EASY TO SLIP IN AND TAKE OFF– Perfect shape of the arch, accommodate the shape of your arch to achieve the most comfortable fit;
  • PROTECT THE BUNIONS: Soft and comfortable, wide and lightweight, they are the perfect shoes when it comes to bunions.
  • PREVENT TOE OVERLAP: The Women’s Slippers Split Toe Shoes for Bunions are made with a special slip toe design so your feet will stay in comfortably without any discomfort.
  • KEEP YOUR TOES SEPARATE: The best bunion shoes are those where your big toe is separated from the others. This will prevent the toe overlap and the big toe will be straightened.

You can prevent bunions by wearing comfortable, wide-toed shoes and avoiding narrow, tight, high-heeled shoes. Wearing toe spacers and massaging the adductor hallux may help, too.

Bunions can get worse over time and pain is a sign something is wrong. There may be a little trial and error involved here but it will be worth it if it prevents problems in the future.

The tabi shoes are called miracle shoes or anti-bunion preventive cure that enhances feet performance and overall health condition with the right treatment of the feet.


This style of footwear separates the big toe from the other toes, giving you the sense of walking in your bare feet. Moreover, this footwear actively prevents painful bunions and their symptoms thanks to the fabric separating the toes. In ancient times, Japanese people never experienced bunions because traditionally they wore Japanese sandals called zori or tabi.

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