Women’s High-Top Fleece Cotton Shoes And Winter Boots


Your Winter Companion!

A cozy wardrobe staple – these chunky boots are modern, and snazzy and keep your feet perfectly toasted! A total steal! The waterproof upper and the inner wool lining keep the moisture in and warmth out! The traction is made for staying stable on winter surfaces.

Why Choose Omega Walk?

Keep Your Feet Warm and Comfortable With Thermal Inner Lining

Navigate through snowy roads in the chilly weather without your feet getting chilly. Protect your feet from the wrath of the cold weather with the thermal inner lining of the snow boots.

Maximum Safety with Dual Anti-Slip Technology

Roads during the winter season can get very slippery. Our snow boots are specially designed for the winter season. The deep tugs on the outsole save you from tripping on these slippery roads.

Keep Your Feet warm and Dry With Waterproof and Snowproof Outer Materials

Don’t let the snow stop you from planning your weekend getaways or everyday commutes. The waterproof and snowproof material makes the water or snow slide right off the surface and keeps your feet warm and dry.

Get All-day Comfort With EVA Midsole

The EVA midsole cushions the feel of sneakers and keeps your feet extremely comfortable all day long. Also, these puffy boots are very lightweight.

Gives you a Snug fit

Tight or loose – fasten the shoes as you like. The velcro fastening provides you with really cozy and snug feet, keeping the heat trapped inside.

Added Comfort with Faux Fur Lining

The outer faux fur lining wraps your ankle and keeps it warm and comfortable throughout the day.

Wear it Anywhere, Anytime This Winter Season

Our snow boots come in 2 amazing colors that go with every outfit! They come in handy everywhere you go. For any indoor & outdoor activities in cold winter, daily walking, or party, these stylish winter shoes will be your go-to companion.


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