Women’s Chunky Heels Shoes For Spring



What’s more feminine than a pair of heels? This pair, thin and light, has accompanied women for decades. Whatever the heel height, it lengthens the legs, shapes the calves,  refines the silhouette, and adds style.


These shoes are perfect for everyday wear. They go perfectly with a skirt or trouser suit, a dress, jeans and a shirt… These are shoes that have become real fashion accessories to wear every day, whatever the circumstance.

With their heels, these ankle boots are always very trendy and feminine, offering a chic and sexy style that is always in fashion.


Symbol of femininity and glamor par excellence, this pair of shoes must be included in our shoe collection. Another detail to seriously take into account is the vintage-feminine look it offers. Indeed, given current trends, it is a criterion not to be neglected, and which makes all the difference.

If you want to adopt a vintage and sexy look, choose this pair.


Breathable upper: the upper is made of suede, soft and gentle on the skin, comfortable to the touch, and does not rub the feet. With strong breathability, the shoes are suitable for spring and summer wear without sweating.

Soft sole: the rubber sole has high elasticity, strong flexibility, resistance to bending, does not break easily, and is comfortable and durable.

Raised Heels: the heel height is suitable while optimizing the proportion of the body, it will not tire your feet and you will not get tired after walking for a long time. The shock absorption effect is also better.

Refined design: the upper has a hollow pattern, which makes the shoes more delicate. With laces, the shoes can better fit the foot and walk more lightly and freely.

Our new shoes “Elenwear” are an absolute must-have for the coming season. The soft sole supports your foot effectively and provides a very pleasant wearing experience, even after prolonged wear.

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