Women Orthopedic Shoes Arch Support Breathable Non Slip Flat Sneaker




Arch-Support Design Relieving Pain Well 

Functioning well as an orthopedic shoe, it distributes strain on your heels, balls of feet, and toes, which are the three corners suffering body weight the most while running or walking as well as fits perfectly with the space of your arch thus relieving pain to a degree.

Geiasou Innovative Pain Relief Arch-Support Insoles

  • Geiasou Orthotics Insole is designed to support your longitudinal arch and provide the alignment needed to reduce overpronation. They also help relieve foot injuries caused by repetitive stress by absorbing shock, providing cushioning, and transferring pressure away from high-impact areas.
  • The Geiasou Orthotics Insoles utilize premium, shock-absorbing materials designed to cushion and support the body while protecting the foot.
  • A key goal of Geiasou Orthotics is to provide alignment and to keep the foot closer to the neutral position throughout the gait cycle which reduces stress on the plantar fascia, knees, hips and back.

Offering Breathability Throughout Your Feet

Microfiber upper is remarkably airy, which offers air circulation constantly from your toes to your heels. As such, the foot problem caused by moisture or smell will never irritate you anymore.

Anti-Slip Outsole

A plus of the shoes worth mentioning is that its rubber outsole is super anti-slip for providing you better movement on slippery ground and protecting your feet from sharp objects. The outsole is also soft enough to cushion your feet and absorbs shock while running.

Extremely LightWeight

In general, the shoes are made of PU, microfiber, and rubber, which makes the overall weight light. Thanks to this feature, you don’t need to exert so much effort to take a step and get the most comfort out of the shoes.

Product specification

  • Upper material:  Microfiber
  • Insole material: PU
  • Outsole material: Rubber
  • Closure Type: Hook&Loop
  • Toe Shape: Round Toe

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