Non-Slip All-Round Barefoot Shoe For Women And Men


Here is why running in barefoot shoes is so healthy

According to orthopedists, walking barefoot is humans’ most natural and healthy way of walking. We were all born without shoes and have walked without shoes for thousands of years. So walking barefoot comes naturally to us because it restores our innate walking pattern. 

Barefoot shoes can make the change

Our environment makes walking bare feet difficult. No one wants to walk barefoot on the asphalted road and dirty streets. Hence we are forced to put on stiff shoes, and putting on stiff shoes has its disadvantages. Stiff shoes weaken the foot muscles, and leads to foot misalignment; knee, back, and hip pain. Barefoot shoes are the best choice to reduce foot misalignment and pain.

It feels like a walk in the meadow

Imagine it’s summer, you’re walking barefeet across a meadow and feel the grass under your feet – what a liberating feeling! Run Barefoot Running Shoe Air was created to discover this feeling of walking barefooted!

With these barefoot shoes, you enjoy maximum freedom of movement and they are so light that you walk on clouds. Run Barefoot Running Shoe Air promote a healthy and comfortable gait because their comfortable fit is modelled on the anatomy of a healthy foot.

Enjoy a sole soft as a pillow

Say goodbye to “breaking in” with these shoes! Thanks to the ultra-light barefoot shoe sole, with the Run Barefoot Running Shoe Pro you’ll feel like you’re walking across a meadow without shoes, without getting cold feet. The elastic sole adapts to the shape of your feet and guarantees perfect support and the best possible comfort!

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